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We are currently recruiting language professionals – with a background in translation, interpreting, subtitling, or intralingual respeaking and with a language combination of English and either French, Italian or Spanish – to participate in a free self-guided online upskilling course.

“An advanced introduction to interlingual respeaking” will guide you through the tasks required for respeaking in preparation for an intra and interlingual respeaking test. The course duration is 24 hours over 5 weeks. The course will run between 5 April-9 May 2021 and again between 17 May-20 June 2021. If you cannot make those dates, please let us know.

Aside from providing you with upskilling in both intra and interlingual respeaking, the aim of the course is to collect data on cognitive factors, interpersonal traits and respeaking performance to identify which skills, traits and abilities can best support performance. This will guide language professionals who aim to offer interlingual respeaking as a new service and help prospective employers recruit the best candidates for the job.

While we do not expect the course to fully equip you to work as an interlingual respeaker, it will give you a strong foundation to build on.

Benefits of taking part include:

  • Completing advanced introductory upskilling in a new service with increasing demand
  • Acquiring new skills and a better understanding of what interlingual respeaking involves
  • Learning how to use state of the art speech recognition technology
  • Receiving feedback on respeaking tests
  • Obtaining a certificate of participation which counts towards CPD
  • Contributing to the development of interlingual respeaking research and training
  • Having the opportunity to make connections with access and language service providers for additional upskilling and possible future work opportunities
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